Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mandy and Mimi's visit to Nana Camp.....

Mandy, the sable Japanese Chin, aka the clown
Mimi, the tri-colored Papillon
Mimi, not sure about boating, hiding behind Mandy
Pet Smart is always a fun trip for the pups. LaLa, Chili, Mimi, Mandy & Icee
Mandy trying to beat LaLa to the ball.
Most times LaLa got to the ball first. She's always up for a game of ball chase.

Mandy, a Japanese Chin, and Mimi, a Papillon, stayed with us this week while their owners went on vacation. Mandy is a clown who loves to talk to you. She will throw her head back, make her mouth into a little O and Roo Roo Roo at you as if she's really got something important to tell you. All I can do is laugh and say "What Lassie, is Timmy in the well?" Mimi loves to run around the yard chasing Mandy and the squirrels. They are a hoot. Sweet dogs and a pleasure to have around. I took Mandy, Mimi and Icee fishing on the Minnow today. At first Mimi didn't want to go and kept pacing along the dock waiting for us to return. I finally convinced her to come with us. She wasn't happy to be out on the water and clung to the seat while keeping an eye on the shore. Mandy on the other hand was happy for the outing and enjoyed cruising along at a whopping 2 mph. They had fun chasing a ball in the yard even though LaLa was possessive of HER ball. They also enjoyed a trip to Pet Smart. Got the whole gang in a shopping cart. Now that was an adventure. And that was Mandy and Mimi's week at, what my daughter calls, "Nana Camp".

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Visitor from Tennessee.....

Haley and Kierstin, at 12, are almost as tall as their Aunt Kathy.
Roxy, wasn't so sure about swimming. She much preferred wading in the shallows or riding with Haley on the "Minnow", our mini-pontoon boat.
This is the best Roxie could do. She's an American Eskimo, snow dog, not a water dog. We were surprised to see her go into the water this far on her own.
My sister's Rottweiler, Chelsea, had a great time swimming in the lake (look at her smile) this week during Kathy's visit from TN. I did carry Roxie out for a swim and she was totally insulted at getting so wet. Kathy spent some time with us at the barn giving Haley and Sherry lessons on Canyon. She gave us lots to think about. She even trimmed his hooves for us. Can't believe how tall Kierstin and Haley are getting. Kathy also got to visit some of her horsey friends who were very happy to see her.