Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Visitors....

A family of Sandhill Cranes have been visiting us for years. They are now bringing their babies for a visit. Can you spot them? The daddy (facing me) is very protective of them, while the mother guides them to safe areas. Yesterday they brought their babies into our yard and were trying to reach the lake, so John opened the gate and led them into the back yard. They happily went through the gate and returned to their feeding grounds at the lakeWe could get very close to them before the daddy decided we were just a little too close. I think if we had had some food they would have stayed longer, as they will take food from your hands.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sherry!!!!

Today is my daughter, Sherry Michelle Burgess Denton's 39th birthday. Yes, she was born, April 17, 1971 at 7:14 a.m. She was a breech delivery after 22 hours labor. Needless to say I had only one child. LOL Sherry started as a beautiful baby and grew into a beautiful woman. She has a loving husband, Keith and two wonderful daughters, Kierstin and Haley, who will be 13 yrs. old on May 12th. Can't believe that they are TEENAGERS already. They are growing up so fast. My how time flies. Sherry spent her birthday today attending Kierstin's cheerleading competition in Daytona Beach, then rushing to Haley's soccer game in Vero Beach. Kierstin's team won first place beating out a senior high school team. Haley kicked a goal and assisted in making another one, bringing their team to a win for their first game and a tie on their second game. They came over for a fried chicken dinner with cake and ice cream for dessert. Poor Sherry had a tummy ache and couldn't really enjoy her dinner. Hopefully she will be well tomorrow and can enjoy her chocolate, chocolate birthday cake. Such is the life of a busy, busy Mom.

Spring At Last!!!!......

It's Spring at last. The grass is growing, the flowers are blooming and the weather is great. It's nice to work in the yard and see all the new growth. The Amaryllis are blooming like crazy. These stripped ones are called "Candycane"
These red ones were given to us by our friend, Brenda Spivey, and they have been wonderful bloomers. I put most of them around the deck. I just wish they would bloom all year long.
Cindy and Marion gave me this herb and upside-down tomato planter for my birthday. I think I need to move the squash into the ground, though it seems very happy where it is. I think I see a red tomato peeking out. They should be ready for picking any day now.
This is a Snake Cactus we purchased during one of our trips to the Volusia County Flea Market. You can find some really nice plants there at really reasonable prices.
These Delphinium are just beautiful in various shades of blue and purple, my favorite colors. They are starting to decline now, but I can look forward to see what I get next year.
We purchased two new Desert Rose plants since we lost two of ours to this year's freeze. I hope we can keep these safe. Even our Mums are coming back from last Fall.
I added some purple Lobelia to some of my hanging pots and throughout the gardens. It's a ground cover, but works well in pots too. They are profuse bloomers. I just love the colors.
These Amaryllis were wintered in the pot. Left overs from Christmas. Aren't they beautiful?I love to buy new and unusual plants and have decided to try my hand a succulents. They are hardy and require less care, especially watering. This is a very nice one I found at the DeBary Farmer's Market last weekend, can't remember the name, but I just love the blooms. I need to find a stand for it since the leaves hang so long. Right now an upside-down pot will have to do.This cactus came from the same seller at the farmer's market. She has some really nice plants. I think it's a type of Burro's Tail cactus. It's sitting on one of our patio tables. It looks like it's about ready for a new pot. I believe it produces pretty pink blooms. Can't wait to see them.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


We had a very quiet Easter at home this year. John gave me a beautiful plant (Daffodil) and took me out for a nice breakfast. Though Sherry and Keith couldn't work us into their busy schedule for Easter, we had them over for an Easter dinner the Tuesday after Easter. I prepared a nice ham with a Praline Mustard glaze, which was also on a block of creme cheese with crackers for dipping, pork gravy, potatoes Au Gratin, garlic green beans, cold corn salad and a chocolate fudge Easter Bunny cake. Afterwards we enjoyed sitting on the dock and visiting with friends while watching little Reno swim in the lake. Tom fed the geese some bread which Reno also swam after when he wasn't going for the ball. All in all it was a very nice day with the family. The twins will be thirteen on May 12th. They are growing up just too fast.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

John's New Toy....

Today John's truck was delivered from Alabama. It's a 2004 F-250 Super Duty, Turbo Diesel, 4x4. Don't know why he thought he needed such a big truck. This bad boy won't fit in the garage so I guess John's next project is building a truck garage. JoDee found the truck in Alabama. It was one of their repos. Seems that there are a lot of them out there. The former owner, from what we were told, put almost $25,000 in upgrades and extras on this truck. Anyway, I hope that John gets a lot of enjoyment out of his new toy. I almost busted my butt getting out of that thing. Didn't know it was so far to the ground. I'm getting a ladder. LOL

Mom Moves In.....

Mom has moved in with us as of February 1, 2010. We gave her the twins old bedroom and our spare bedroom to use as her living room and bedroom. She also has the spare bathroom all to herself and has space in the Summer kitchen on the patio. She shares our kitchen and dining room. It's smaller than what she had at her apartment, but it's really all she needs and she says that she's comfortable. We had a new glass door enclosure put in the shower for her so she gets plenty of light. It's one of those frameless shower doors and looks really nice. We still need to make a picture wall for her, perhaps in her bedroom. Mom's spends most of her time watching her favorite cable TV show and working on her hand work. Right now she's working on a quilt. I can't wait to see the finished product, but I don't want to rush her since it gives her something to do to past the time. She also enjoys sitting out on the deck, eating ice cream and watching the birds, ducks and geese, as well as our beautiful sunsets. We go out to lunch or dinner weekly and I try to take her shopping, although she does get tired and wants to stop and sit while I shop. Her drive to her favorite store, Walmart, is short since she's now only a mile away. This week we washed and detailed her car for her. She keeps it in our garage since John's new truck is too big to fit in it. It's good to have her with us, especially since she gets confused sometimes about taking her meds. I made her a list so she can check it off when she takes her pills. I think that she's doing great for 85 years.