Saturday, August 17, 2013

Doggy Swim Time

Sherry brought the dogs, Bentley, Reno & Annie, to the lake for some puppy swim time. Reno and Bentley are competitors for the ball in the water.  If Reno gets to the ball first he will growl at Bentley as if to say, "I got it, it's my ball, back off."  If Bentley gets to the ball first Reno will follow him waiting for Bentley to drop it so he can pick it up and take it to the beach.  Bentley seems to know to be gentle with the little dogs, though he sometimes gets carried away when playing chase and knocks them over. Oops!!  

Annie is getting better about going into the lake, but still prefers to sit in a lap and watch the fun.  

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Charlotte's Book

This is a fabric book I made using the Smith Street Designs pattern "A Duck Says Quack".  I used a lot of textured and soft Minky fabrics throughout the book.  I'm actually saving it for a birthday when Charlotte gets a little older. We had a class at the Bernina Sewing Centre on this pattern so I just got a head start on it since I knew I wanted to make it for Charlotte sometime.  I think it turned out great.  The word tags (attached with Velcro) can be removed and stored in the pocket on the front of the book for use later in reading and word recognition. 

Snap-portunity purse

This purse was a fun and easy project.  I used the Stitchin' Sister's "Snap-portunity" to make this one.  I also used metal measuring tape inserted in the top binding to make the purse snap closed after opening.  It has four pockets on the inside and one large pocket on the outside.  I didn't have large buttons so I made some YoYos for my accents.  Think I might make some more of these as gifts.   Not quite large enough for me.  ;)

Enchanted Pumpkin

This is my Enchanted Pumpkin embroidered wall hanging.  I believe that this one took about fourteen embroidery hoopings and I can't tell you how many hours of sewing.  I used my Bias Binder attachment on the sewing machine to put the binding on and I even mitered the corners with it.   Been wanting to give that a try for a while.  I put it on the long arm to do the quilting.  Kinda wish I'd done the quilting on the sewing machine, but hadn't used the long arm machine in a while so I though I'd better use it this time.  I do love the colors in this one.