Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blue Christmas Tree

This year's Christmas tree was done in blue and silver. Though it's a small tree, only 6-7 feet tall, we think it turned out rather nice. We put some nice red Poinsettia plants on the deck and John added some tube lights around some of the posts. The Mums from Thanksgiving are mostly spent and will be put into the ground soon. I've had a hard time getting into decorating and have put off shopping until the last two weeks before Christmas. Still don't know what to get for John. He seems to be doing his own shopping. Just tonight he brought home a new cell phone, one of my ideas for a gift for him. Check that off the list.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dog show.....

Went to dog shows at the Orange County Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday. I decorated the dog stroller for Christmas and had a lot of people stopping me so they could snap pictures, mostly with their cell phones. Saturday John went with us, but on Sunday we were on our own. John was Snipe hunting with his friend Loo. Yes, Snipe is a real bird.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cheerleaders and Pack O' Papillons

This morning we went to the Orange County Convention Center to watch Kierstin and her cheer leading team, the Lake Mary All Stars, compete. It was fun watching them perform. Kierstin has improved so much over the years and looked wonderful in the new uniform. After we returned home we decided to go to Lowe's. After some begging by the pack we were convinced to take them with us. Needless to say the paps drew a lot of attention. Who wouldn't chuckle at the sight of five Papillons riding in a shopping cart. I couldn't resist snapping some pictures.