Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sewing with my new Bernina 830......

Here is some of the fun stuff I've been making with my new sewing machine. This machine is fantastic. It's computerized so I can download lots of decorative stitches and embroidery patterns. There are a ton of stitches already in the machine. I'm also taking Software classes so I can learn how to do digital imaging. Right now it's totally frying my brain, but I'm sure with practice I'll get the hang of it. There are ladies in the classes who have owned their Bernina machines for years and are retaking the classes. They have really been creative with their machines. I can't wait to get really good at it myself.
This is my Vera Bradley look-alike purse. It's lined and quilted using the free-motion quilting feature on my new machine. I used separating sport zippers so I could use zipper pieces to border the front and back outside pockets. I also added a zippered pouch on the inside.
This blue purse was made by embroidering pieces of fabric with computerized stitching patterns. Each piece was stitched together like a quilt. The base blue fabric was used to line the inside where I added five pockets. I like lots of pockets in a purse. I still have to add the handles which were supposed to be leather, but I'm thinking about making the handles myself.
This is the back of the purse. I just added a button on the front and a hair tie on the back for the closure.
This "Fish" bag is a nice large tote. I used variegated thread on the denim fabric to make a quilted effect and used the Ruffler Foot to make the matching ruffle. There are several large pockets in the lining. The fish applique was put on using a downloaded pattern so the machine did all the work. It would stop for me to add the fabric, stitch the outline, stop so I could trim off the excess fabric then stitch the decorative stitching around each piece. When finished I added some crystal bling. The only problem I had was when using the metallic thread which broke easily. After playing with the tension a little it sewed just fine.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Summer Fun On The Lake

Sherry, Keith, Kierstin and Haley came over Sunday for some swim time on the lake. They brought their new blow-up island complete with center pool, cup holders and ice buckets. Everyone had a great time, especially the girls when John pulled them around the lake on tubes.They even brought Reno who played in the lake "fishing" for most of the day.They were also over on Saturday and brought some of the girls friends and parents. We feasted on fried chicken, all the trimmings and we even enjoyed some nice warm brownies, fresh from the oven.