Monday, September 27, 2010

Texture Magic Purse.....

This is the purse I made in class yesterday using "Texture Magic". In case you don't know what TM is, it's a paper material which is layered on your sewing project. First the main fabric, then the batting followed by a layer of the Texture Magic. I drew lines on the TM to create the quilting pattern which can be done with straight lines or doing free motion quilting with the BSR foot. Sewing the straight lines took a lot longer than the free motion with the BSR. Once that's done you simply place the layered fabric with TM up on the ironing board and begin steaming, holding the hot iron just above the TM as you don't want to touch it with the iron. I used a piece of silk organza as an ironing cloth between the iron and the TM which worked great. It was fun to watch the TM crinkle up as it was steamed. I chose a floral fabric for the center section with coordinating fabric for the top and bottom bands and lining which has several pockets. I used the BSR to do free motion quilting on the top and bottom bands. I will add a hard bottom on the inside for support and it's done. This was a fun bag to make and I'm looking forward to making another one.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Swanky Bag....Before and After........

BEFORE AND AFTER.....Just to give you and idea of how it begins. Today I finished this tote bag. It's from Sherri K. Falls' This & That pattern called "Swanky Bag". I'm always amazed at some of the patterns quilters come up with. I learn so many helpful tips and shortcuts from the instructors at the Bernina store sewing classes. This bag went together pretty easily with Connie's helpful instructions. Though, don't get me wrong, it did take me all day. It was made with various cotton Batik fabrics. I had a great time picking out and putting together the various colorful fabrics. I later added pockets using the same fabric as the lining material. I plan to add a hard bottom too.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Travel Case For Sewing Tools, etc........

Today I made a little travel case for carrying supplies to sewing classes. It was made using pretty Batik fabrics in greens and blues. My new Bernina #43 Free Motion Couching foot made applying the cording easy. Can't wait to use it on other sewing projects. I also used my new #38 Piping foot to help attach the Velcro. It's also a good foot to have for working with straps. This was a fun project which took only a couple of hours to make. I might just make another one soon. Tomorrow's class is making a purse. The Bernina sewing classes really help me become more comfortable with using the speciality feet.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More sewing.....

Today I finished the billfold which matches the purse I made for my daughter, Sherry. This project was a little tricky for me. Not sure if I'll make another one like this or not at this point. I used mostly the same fabrics I used on Sherry's purse. This billfold has a grommet with one inch elastic for the closure. The inside has eight credit card slots and a place to put a check book behind them. On the lower section is a change pocket with a Velcro closure.I finally finished the center embroidered medallion for my Floral Visions quilt. I added the outer blue sashing today. I still need to add the outer binding, the backing, batting and quilt it all together then add the binding.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Scrap Therapy

Just finished these two projects. The cell phone case was made from some left over fabric from making the matching purse. The snap and strap was one I had saved from who knows what. This was my first attempt without a pattern. The next one should go together much easier. I'm going to try some velcro closures made to attach to fabric using heat. My plan is to make one each for Sherry, Haley & Kierstin, to match the purses I made for them.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Double Diamond Table Runner

I completed another table runner using the Double Diamond cutting tool. This was actually a fun easy project, once you get used to using the cutting tool for the center pattern. I did realize later that I should not have used the geometrically lined pattern fabric for the outer boarder, since I didn't get it cut and sewn perfectly straight. But, this is a learning process, so I'll know better on the next one. Of course no one, but me, will notice when this is placed on a table and covered with plates of food, etc.